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StackHive is the most powerful and flexible tool to reduce your front-end development time.

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StackHive is a cloud based front-end development tool that helps you make responsive websites faster. Powered with a combination of comprehensive Bootstrap components, visual CSS styling and live code editor, it makes front-end development 10x faster!

Integrate Bootstrap With StackHive.
Bookmark custom elements and reuse easily.
Add new HTML elements quickly via Drag and Drop.
Manage CSS classes & styles visually!
Easily configure social and meta tags with StackHive.
Add and manage interaction/animations easily.
Auto create media queries and preview across all devices.

Lightning Fast Front-end Development

Browser based environment that brings different components of front-end development together.

  • Bootstrap Easily integrate bootstrap into your projects.
  • Bookmarks Save custom code elements to be reused.
  • Drag & Drop Quickly create the HTML layout.
  • CSS Panel Manage classes & styles w/o writing trivial code.
  • SEO Control social and meta tags.
  • Animations* Add and manage Animations neatly. (Coming Soon!)
  • Responsive Auto create media queries and preview across all devices.
Code HTML, CSS and JS from the browser.
See your code changes in real time.
Code faster with inbuilt autocomplete.
>Maintain code easily.
Power usage for keyboard fanatics.
Create and manage multiple files with ease.

Absolute Code Control

Developers know the best, we give you the tools to do everything faster.

Full access to file system like a local environment.
Import bootstrap templates from anywhere. No restrictions!
Download your code to extend.
Put projects live from day one.
Map domains for production use.

Manage your projects

Manange projects with addon features that can make your life much easier.

  • File Manager Full access to file system like a local environment.
  • Import Import bootstrap templates from anywhere. No restrictions!
  • Export Download your code to extend.
  • Hosting Put projects live from day one.
  • Domain Map domains for production use.

Bring your ideas to life!

How StackHive can help you

Web Developers

Web Designers


Save Development time without losing control over the code.

  • Flexible

    Drag and drop layout, add CSS visually, create neat and structured JS Animations and export your files with ease.

  • Responsive

    Create and Test Responsive Websites within minutes while managing media queries automatically.

  • Integrated

    Comprehensive library of development components - SEO, Fonts, Elements, Widgets etc.

  • Design responsive and pixel perfect websites and let us generate production quality code.

  • Responsive

    A drag and drop interface to design pixel perfect responsive websites with ease.

  • Visual

    Extensive Styling and Animation panels to control every aspect of your design and interactions.

  • No Code Required

    Auto generate HTML, CSS and JS while designing. No more static images!

  • Speed up your development cycles by optimizing your workflow with StackHive.

  • Better Workflow

    Minimize repetition in work by importing existing themes, utilizing bookmarks and widgets.

  • Feedback/Share

    Free hosting and domain mapping to share your work with customers/team members to get feedback.

  • Extend

    Add external plugins with live code editor or export the code for custom back-end integrations.

  • * Feedback feature is coming soon!

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