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StackHive is an intuitive website development tool that helps you in building responsive websites visually. Powered with HTML5, CSS3 and Visual Programming; web design and development have never been faster before!

One Stop Solution for Front-End Development

Benefit from the complete collection of features that help you Design, Develop, Download and Host your projects, all in one tool!

Visual Designing at its BEST!

Let your creativity flow and leave the rest to us. Control the tiniest of the details and customize anything with ZERO Limitations. From now, browser is the only tool you'll ever need!

Responsive Development

Create new responsive websites or edit your existing websites to make them responsive at lightning speed! Leverage on the browser based development and leave all your front-end worries behind.

Preview and Test

Preview your website on different screen sizes and edit media queries easily. Test your websites while you are creating them. Never miss any detail on any screen size!

Website Development at "Warp Speed"

Creating new websites, editing and maintaining existing ones has never been easier! Develop HTML/CSS the way it was supposed to be.

Import Any Project

Having troubles in managing or editing existing websites? Well say no more, StackHive is here! Upload your existing static websites or themes and edit them in a flash.

Utilize Bootstrap Widgets

Create new components from Twitter Bootstrap and extend the CSS code easily while maintaining the Bootstrap code structure . We promise, you'll never have to write CSS ever again!

No Limitations, Full Control

Control every detail of what goes in your project whether it be your web fonts, HTML files, CSS, JS, Images etc. Basically, it's your Stack and you get full control over it.

Build sites faster

Your Code, Your Rules!

StackHive doesn't get in your way. It complements your development style and helps you achieve maximum output in minimum time!

Live Coding on Your Stack

StackHive is a visual programming tool but it also allows you to have full control over the source code. Switch on your "Developer Mode" and get cracking on the code.

Download Your Code

Download your code and extend it however you want. You own anything and everything you create inside StackHive. No strings attached!

Free Hosting and Domain Mapping

You can choose to publish and host your website with StackHive. Map your domain to your websites and go live immediately for FREE. Use your time wisely and make things happen with just a click!

Bring your ideas to life!

How StackHive can help you

Web Developers

Web Designers


Visual coding helps you to cut down you development time by 90%

Focus on what really matters and leave your CSS Development to us. Control each and every aspect like you do on your own development box. Build HTML/CSS Visually and export the files to integrate with your backend or use our Feedback Feature* to get reviews by your clients

Utilize the most powerful tool built especially for you and increase your efficiency by 10 folds!

  • CSS Automation - Clean code architecture backed by popular frameworks

    StackHive emulates the CSS code structure of the underlying CSS Framework. Keep your CSS clean and easy to edit in future.

  • Create and Test Responsive Websites within minutes.

    Change the view port inside the editor to make CSS changes for specific devices. Create from scratch or make existing websites responsive at an unbelievable speed.

  • Full HTML5, CSS3 and JS support

    Live Coding from the browser itself. It doesn't get any better than that for web development! Test Driven Development is an industry norm. StackHive just optimized that for you. Combine your Development and Testing processes and save like a zillion hours!

  • Take charge of your design and lets StackHive code for you in the background.

    Forget photoshop for website designing. Benefit from pixel perfect designing inside the browser and utlize pre-built widgets to simplify your design process. StackHive strives to provide all the major styling options that the browsers can handle.

    StackHive is a Photoshop built specifically for Website Designing that gives you HTML/CSS as well!

  • Don't know coding? Well, no problem!

    StackHive helps you in controlling every aspect of your design while coding for you in the background. Get that extra boost for your portfolio by creating your designs in HTML/CSS directly!

  • Design Responsive Websites easily

    Tackle Responsive designing much better than Photoshop. Save your time by a HUGE margin.

  • Widgets and Components

    No need to reinvent the wheel. Utilize the pre-built widgets and components from Twitter Bootstrap as base and use your creativity to make them your own. Use the Feedback Feature* to get critical reviews and feedback from your clients, collegues and friends.

  • Focus on what matters the Most and Go Live from Day One

    Speed Matters! StackHive helps you in creating, editing and managing your websites at an amazing speed. Not only that, you can choose to host with us for free and get your startup on the map from Day One.

    StackHive is a one-stop solution for all your website needs. Pair it up with your lean startup model and keep evolving your websites as you grow!

  • Easy to Edit - Easy to extend

    Easily edit your websites or even download them to extend manually as per your needs. You'll never have to start from scratch ever again. Everything you make inside StackHive is owned by YOU!

  • Free Hosting and Domain Mapping

    Put your websites live whenever you want. StackHive provides you the easiest way possible to do that. We use Amazon Cloud to host your website and help you get 99.99% uptime.

  • Evolution is Science

    Startups are alive and evolve every single day, so should their websites. StackHive helps you in achieving that. Build new websites, import existing websites or even download live websites and edit them using StackHive within minutes! You'll never have to worry about your website changes from here on.

  • * Feedback feature is coming soon!

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