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StackHive | The Fastest way to create websites.

StackHive is a front-end design and development tool that helps you in saving a LOT of your valuable time!

Built right on top of your browser, it gives you a visual way to create web pages and at the same time provides you with full capabilities of any other development tool. Basically, from here on - Browser is the only thing you'll ever need for creating websites!

So how much time can you actually save with StackHive?

Well, when it comes to saving time and utilizing StackHive to the most, you can save up to 90% of your development time!

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Creating a Professional Responsive Website from scratch within 45 mins!

Whether you are an expert developer or a designer without coding skills, StackHive can help you in optimizing your process to the fullest so that you can get things done at lightning speed!

Design and Develop your projects using StackHive

Create Pixel Perfect Designs

Design your projects freely and save time by using the existing structures and components. Utilize a Photoshop like interface to make any styling changes directly into the code without actually coding!

No more of just static PSD files. Use StackHive to create fully functional responsive websites and export them to get developer quality code!

A Development Box inside your browser

StackHive is a tool meant to help you with all your front-end development needs. A visual interface that brings HTML & CSS to life and lets you tweak around things at lightning speed.

No more dirty CSS hacks or using Firebug to hit-n-try styling changes. Combine your Development and Testing process and get things done 10x faster!

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