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Creating Projects inside StackHive

Three ways to create projects inside StackHive -

  • Using StackHive Templates

  • Uploading External Templates

  • Downloading External Templates

Create projects using StackHive Templates

Create projects using in-built templates quickly and mold them to your design.

Easy start with In-built Templates

To get create a project, you can choose one of the in-built templates as your starting point.

This method works out best if you find a template a bit similar to your targeted design structure. Using a professional template and making design changes to it can help you save a lot of production time!

Create projects using Upload

StackHive's unique ability to import existing templates can be very useful if you already have a template or found one online.

Import any template, from anywhere inside StackHive!

You can use any template with StackHive, bought anywhere! You are not limited to the templates that are in-built. Integrate your own custom bootstrap templates or the ones you bought through ThemeForest etc.

Buy a theme from anywhere on the internet and edit them using StackHive!

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