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Creating new elements on your page

  • Using Drag and Drop

    Creating Elements Using Drag-n-drop is very easy. Select and Drag the element which you want to create from the panel and hover on the element which will be a sibling (previous or next element) of this new element inside the page and drop it to insert. You can see the path of the element inside which your element will be insert in the Path Section at the top.

    Creating Nested elements using Drag-Drop can be a bit hard. It is a lot easier to use precision insert for that!

  • Using Precision Insert

    Precision Insert or rather "Relative Insert" is a more advanced and direct way of insert new elements in your page by inserting them relative to an already existing element. Click/Double Click on the element you want to create inside the panel to mark it as selected. Click on the element when you want to insert it on the page to mark it as active (Green Outline). Now, you can insert Before, After, Inside or even at the Text Cursor Position (in Text Edit Mode) compared to the selected insertion point inside your page.

    Creating Nested elements using precision insert is very easy and less prone to errors. Precision Insert also allows you to insert the same element at multiple position at once!

  • Manually using Code Editor

    StackHive gives you complete access to your code and allows you to change it using code editor instantly. To insert specific elements and snippets manually, open the code editor and click on the element on the page to scroll to that element in code automatically. Rest is upto you! :)

    Live coding in the code editor is one of the most important feature of StackHive that gives you complete freedom and turns it into your local development stack!

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