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StackHive 2.0 | Release Log 2nd April, 2015.

Today marks a new milestone for StackHive.

We have had a lot of great feedback from the StackHive community, and are doing our best to deliver improvements and enhance your experience with the product. This is our first major release after the launch! Below is a list of bug fixes, optimizations and enhancements we are rolling out today.

Hope to hear your feedback so we can keep improving your experience with StackHive

  1. New Feature - BOOKMARKS

    Bookmarks allow you to create custom elements and save them inside your projects. Any Bookmark created can be inserted into the page using Drag-Drop or Precision Insert. You can directly create Bookmarks from any element on your web page by selecting the it and clicking "Add a Bookmark" in the Bookmark Panel on the left. You can even create/import HTML and CSS Code from anywhere and easily utilize them inside StackHive.

    The most useful examples we found for it were -

    1. Saving custom grid markups like 3 Columns to 2 Columns + 1 Row on smaller screens
    2. Saving elements that are used on a lot of pages/projects like a Pricing Table.
    3. Importing elements from one project to another through Bookmarks.

    There are a lot of things that you can do with it, so its up to you on how to make the best use of it :)

    A snapshot of the feature -

  2. Optimizations

    • Enhancements

      • Faster loading time
      • Major performance gain with a new CSS engine.
      • Immediate switch between HTML and CSS/JS Tabs for easiest front-end development
      • Removed Bootstrap Themes
      • Auto-save functionality extended to keep track of major changes.
      • Code Editors Upgraded for performance boost.

      Check it out in Real Time. It just keeps getting faster!

  3. Visual Editor

    • Enhancements

      • Locating selected tag in code directly from Settings Panel.
      • Instant loading of Element Settings
    • Bug Fixes

      • Occasional <em> </em> tags added in middle of the code
      • Multiple youtube videos on the same page.
      • Carousel Settings - Slide and Update open settings.
      • CSS Selectors for controlling your style changes.
  4. Code Editor

    • Enhancements

      • Easy commenting of code with CTRL + SHIFT + /
      • Auto-complete using CTRL + SPACE. Get a list of classes and ids when working on Javascript files.
      • Format Code button to keep things in "line"
      • Search and Replace functionality added
      • Saving comments inside CSS files
    • Bug Fixes

      • Duplicate Cross browser CSS code generated on refresh.
      • Find and Replace bug.
      • Mix-up of CSS and JS files with undo redo across multiple code editors.
      • CSS Code editor file dropdown
      • Losing changes when switching between tabs without saving
  5. Account and Projects

    • Enhancements

      • Exporting projects without going into the editor.
      • Account Settings page added to handle all profile related details.
      • Auto refresh of Project manager after creating a new file
    • Bug Fixes

      • Export Project - Corrupt or empty zip file
      • Non unicode filename in uploaded or link driven projects.
  6. Interface

    • Enhancements

      • Faster Loading Time [further optimization in pipeline]
      • Dragging and sorting multiple tabs opened inside the editor.
      • Buffer Animations removed to create a more streamlined experience.
      • Saving and reloading the states your each tab for easier and faster development across multiple files.
      • Saving and restoring your undo redo history across multiple tabs.
      • Resuming from the last state of your workspace after reload.
    • Bug Fixes

      • Disappearing styling panel's slide button.
      • Panels getting in the way and slowing things down.
  7. Payments

    • Promotional Pricing Released to mark the end of StackHive Beta.
    • 20% Discount on actual prices initiated for next few weeks.

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